Author: Addie Parker
•10:33 PM
Let me just steal a few little moments while my puppy is dreaming with his ears draped over my keyboard to tell you about the past eight days....

Driving, driving, driving

Dirty little backwoods breeder

Rescue the pup

Hotel, scared pup, nervous us

Driving, driving, my first Sonic experience, driving

No sleep

Vet, sickness, lots of meds, extra large vet bill

Puking, worms, clean the carpet

Cuddling, cuddling, cuddling



Sick little pup

Breakdown and cry at work

Sweet, clingy little pup

Antibiotics working

The pup perks up


So much playtime

Pup begins to eat and drink

Pup begins to pee and poo





I hit the Googles

"How to Housebreak a Puppy"

"How to keep a puppy from biting"

"Crate Training"

Pup escapes from his pen while mama and dad are at work

Pup escapes from his modified pen while mama and dad are at work the next day

Pee, pee, pee

Clean, clean, clean

Walks and "Outside" and "Outside" and "Outside"

and "Outside" in the rain

and "Outside" in the wind

and play play play

and then....

He sleeps. Comfortably, apparently.

A proper introduction to the sweetest, cutest little puppy is in order as soon as I get a moment to put it together for you.
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