Author: Addie Parker
•6:37 PM
"Drop it," is a phrase that's pretty common in my house right now.
Seriously, Pup? You want to chew on a rock? Drop it.

At work earlier today, I was wishing that I could gome home since I
had all my work work done, I had tons of stuff to do at home, and I
was (am) completely exhausted. But the work world doesn't work that
way. Ya gotta stay at work to get paid. Then it occurred to me to take
a few days off this week. I'm really at the end of my burn-out rope.
So I asked and got a big fat no. Too many other people out this week.
I went back to my desk and fought back tears.

While driving to Petsmart after work, I was thinking about how a
therapist or a tough-love, perky motivational speaker would tell me to
take a look at my week and drop half of the things I have to do. Just
drop it," she'd say.

So I thought about all of the things on my plate and realized that I
wasn't going to drop any of them.

Monday night: small group with my best friends. No way am I missing
this. Emily is about to have her baby, and I feel like these are that
last times we'll have before everything changes (for the better, I'm
sure, but still- it's going to be different). Plus, I LOVE these
girls, and I miss them and need them right now.

Tuesday night: having our friends Crystal and Brian over to meet the
puppy. I made these plans before I realized how crazy the week would

Wednesday night: begin training for my new position at church...
definitely can't miss that. I made a commitment, and I need to follow

Thursday night: go to my best friend's school play. She's a teacher
and volunteers to produce the play every year. I've never been able to
go before, and it's one night only. I really want to support my friend
and see her little fifth graders in action.

Friday night and Saturday day: clean like crazy and try to make the
house smell less like dog.

Saturday evening: Emily's baby shower at my house.

See? Nothing to drop. Nothing I can and/or want to drop.


I can drop reading blogs.

I can drop watching tv.

I can drop straightening my hair in the mornings.

I can drop trying to be Martha Stewart for this baby shower.

I could drop making the cake from scratch, but the jury is still out
on that one.

I can drop Facebook (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can).

What else can I drop? Help me think of things to lighten my load this week.

Anything you need to get off of you plate? Just drop it. :)

P.S. I wrote this whole post on my cell phone while waiting for my
small group to start. I kinda rock.

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