Author: Addie Parker
•9:54 PM
So remember how I told y'all in my very first Life with a Lady post ever how I still have my childhood blankie? Well, I don't anymore.

On New Year's Day this year, I did a very brave thing. I cut up my blankie.

It was a long process. I thought about how to do it for months beforehand. I bought supplies. I drew diagrams. I cried. A LOT.

And then I got to work (then I cried a little more), then I kept on working and kept on crying.

Then I came up with this.

{I recognize that 'wrinkled' doesn't even begin to describe this, but I will never get this post done if I have to iron before I take the pictures. It is what it is.}

I started by searching out fabric that felt a lot like my blankie does (did, aww). My husband had the genius idea of using soft pillowcases. We took a little trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (right before Christmas- bad idea) and found some pillowcases that felt okay. It was all about the feel of it.

On assembly day (doom's day), I cut out the biggest piece of the top layer of the original blankie that could reasonably be salvaged. I ironed it out and backed it with lightweight interfacing.  I made sure to use actual fusible webbing, not just iron-on adhesive, because the adhesive would have bled through the fabric, being that the fabric was so thin it was see-through.


Then, I quilted. Details are unnecessary. It involved pins, lots of pins. It involved delicately pulling out long lines of stitches after making several mistakes. It involved a giving up my perfectionist ways just a bit. It involved pins. Lots and lots of pins.  It involved two very late nights. I don't think I ever want to quilt again.



I used a pretty little flowered flannel for the inside layer because I knew it would show through a little. The original fabric had some little flowers on it (faded with time except for in the seams), so this was a little ode to that.

Pin, pin, sew, sew, rip, rip, pin, pin, sew, sew, done. The new blanket (B-2, as my husband called it) doesn't feel the same. It's stiff. The corners are bulky. It has no fluff. It just isn't right.

And yet, I think I did the best I could to extend the life of my blankie for another 26 years. 



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