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•9:17 PM
"Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them, the rest of us could not succeed." -Mark Twain

Happy Thursday, y'all! Let me start this right off and say that I am thankful that I had a great day today! I can't remember the last time I had a good day at work, but I did today! Nothing particularly good happened, but there was an obvious lack of bad things happening. We got almost a foot of snow last night, so lots of people called in, including the one woman who just gets on my nerves with every word that comes out of her mouth. I also finally feel like I'm getting caught up (not that that will last, but it feels good right now), and I had a chance to rearrange my desk today. That makes everything feel fresh and welcoming. So I am THANKFUL for my good day at work!

When I got home today, there was a big box on my front step. My doggie bed arrived! And it's priiiiity. I admired it for a while, then moved on and printed invitations for my friend Emily's baby shower. They're all addressed, stamped, and ready to put in the mailbox tomorrow. Then I made brownies and read blogs. So I had a great evening, too!

Photo (and bed) from, and pssst. this is not my dog, but it is the bed I bought.

Have you had a great day lately?

And for the weekly rundown:

I am thankful for Monday nights with my friends. I have the best friends ever.

I am thankful for the opportunity to host a baby shower for one of those friends. I'm so excited.

I am thankful that my best friend is still with me on the not-being-pregnant-yet thing. The rest of our friends are, so it's good to have someone else still in the same boat as me!

I am thankful for the white, fuzzy blanket that my sister got me for Christmas. It makes mornings on the couch with my Bible quite cozy.

I am thankful that I had a true, two-day weekend this week. It was soooooo nice. I haven't had one of those in a long time.

I am thankful for the space heater in my studio downstairs. Without it, I would freeze my buns off and have paintings that look like they came from a kindergarten art class (well, who am I kidding, they still might look like that, but at least my fingers stay warm!).

What are you thankful for this week? Link up below!

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