Author: Addie Parker
•7:06 PM

Hi y'all!

So it's Thursday... evening. This is the first time I've opened my computer since yesterday morning. Yesterday was all travel time, and today... well, today I was doing this:

Watching Olympians from the top of the long ski jump. Yeah. CURRENT Olympians. It's raining in Vancouver, and they needed more time to train, so they flew in to Park City for a couple of days. I happened to be touring the '02 Winter Olympic Park at EXACTLY the right time. EXACTLY. An hour earlier, or an hour later, and I would not have seen what I did.

We watched from the bottom for a few minutes, then we went to the top. SOOOO much cooler from the top.
And then, THEN we got to talk to them. Holy cow. 

One of them was Johnny Spillane, and the other- I'll have to look it up. No time right now, so I'll write more later. I have to go to dinner at Robert Redford's restaurant, Zoom.  This is such a cool day.

And the weekly Thankful List?  Okay, Okay. Here you go. :)

I'm thankful that my husband carried my bag all over the airport yesterday. Man, it was heavy. What did I pack?

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be on vacation in Park City, Utah with my husband and his family (my family, too).

I'm thankful for the opportunity to see the Olympics as up close and personal as I will ever get.

I'm thankful for the set-up of this condo, allowing me peace and quiet when I need it.

I'm thankful for Airborne and Sudafed and bottled water (in a major way).

I'm thankful for being too short to "Kiss the Moose!" as is the tradition here. :)

What are you thankful for this week?
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