Author: Addie Parker
•5:27 PM
I used to participate in the Creative Cats party at Poppies at Play almost every Friday. I loved the quiet little bloggy link-up on the Poppies' quiet little unassuming blog.  I haven't linked up (or even visited their site) in almost two months.  First, I haven't done any projects worth blogging about, and second, I haven't been blogging much at all. Just winter doldrums, I guess. I come home and shovel the driveway. When I get inside, I keep the curtains closed because it'll just get dark in fifteen minutes anyway.  I do the minimum of what needs to be done as far as housework, laundry, paying the bills, etc. Then I park my bottom on the couch and mindlessly absorb whatever is on tv that night. 
Such has been my winter.

Winter isn't moving out of Michigan soon, but it is moving out of a lot of other states. Which means bloggers in other states are gettin' out their spring gear and posting all about it! I hopped over to Poppies at Play today and found- the Creative Cats party has exploded!  70 people are linked up to last Friday's party, as opposed to the 20 - 30 I was used to. Shew!

I started clicking through, and found a treasure chest of springy inspiration (and other inspiration that isn't necessarily springy but is inspiring nonetheless).  Here are just some of the fantasmic posts that have set my little fix-it-up mind in motion:

 I love the little tag on this cloche from Relatively Unique. Going to add some tags to my pretty jars now. I mean like right now.

 A laundry room remodel at Remodelaholic. Can she come do this to my kitchen, pretty please?

Hmm, I think some branches need to be spray painted at my house. Fun. 

It's time to get myself out of the winter blues and spruce things up for spring. Ready, set, go.
No, really. 1, 2, 3, Go. Get up off the couch, Addie. I mean it. Come on. Let's go. 
Do. It. Now.

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