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He wants for nothing. He's satisfied with what he's got. He's so hard to shop for!!!

My husband is a content man. And that's a good thing, except for on his birthday or Christmas or any other time I want to give him a gift.

But there is one thing. One thing I never really considered because it certainly wasn't something I wanted. No way, Jose!

He wants a dog. A little puppy to love and play with (and clean up after).

I am not a dog person. I fear them. Especially the big ones. I don't like how dogs smell. I don't like how dogs shed. And bark. And chew things. And relieve themselves in the yard. And put their wet noses on your hands or your pants or you new white shirt. And stick their wet noses in... places they shouldn't. ha. I'm just not a dog person. Or an any-animal person. 

But you know what? My husband is.  He puts up with a lot from me. I'm very high-maintenance.  But a few weeks ago, I decided to put all of that aside and give my husband a gift he really wants.  For his 30th birthday, I'm getting him a puppy.

At first, I thought, "I'll get him a puppy, but it'll be the kind I want. A little Havanese pup that doesn't bark and doesn't shed and just sits on my lap being cute."  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I knew my husband didn't want that. He wanted a short-haired dog. One he could imagine playing fetch with. He just couldn't imagine playing fetch with this little puffball:

So instead of keeping the whole thing a surprise, I consulted him on it. And then I caved. I caved on everything. We found a dog online. He's a mix between a french bulldog and a mini dacshund. We're pretty sure he is a little "oops" puppy, as this is not a common mix. Even the vet said, "Well, that should be pretty interesting to see." He'll end up being about 12 - 15 pounds, which is twice the size I wanted. He's really not all that cute, in my opinion, anyway. He will shed a little. My only saving grace is that the breeder said that he has never barked.

Last week, I clicked the "Pay Now" button on Paypal and forked over the money for the little pup.  I then had quite a few hours of buyer's remorse.  What was I doing? I don't even like dogs! He's going to pee on my carpet! 

But then I remembered something. This isn't about me. It's about giving my husband something he really, really wants.  And it feels incredible to be doing that. Absolutely incredible.

So on March 6, we'll be driving about nine hours to southern Illinois to pick up our new puppy. We're naming him Kase (with two little dots over the 'a' that I can't figure out how to type).  It's pronounced KAY-zuh, and it's German for 'cheese'. That's just fun. Don't you think?


Now that I've accepted that this really is happening, I'm actually getting pretty excited. March 6 seems so far away, and I can't wait to go pick up our new little family member! 
What about you? Do you have pets? Have you always been a dog (or cat) person? What are the best and worst things about having pets?
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On 4:50 PM, February 10, 2010 , Jen said...

I think he is so cute! Best thing about having a pet is you have someone who loves you every minute of every day--great companions! Worst thing is the unexpected--they get sick too or have accidents. Not much different than a baby though!

He'll grow on you. When we first got our dog I ran to my room, slammed the door and cried while my sister did a dance of joy. I was terrified. She (our first dog Leia) was only five pounds at the time. As you know I couldn't imagine living without a dog now!