Author: Addie Parker
•10:10 PM
So you know how I talked about making myself a new template?


I can do many, many things, but I guess making a blog template is beyond me. I have this very clear picture in my head of what I want- I want it to feel like HOME. And I was going to take word and make it come alive. With a background that looked like a living room... with art on the walls as my header. With a chair and a lamp- can't you just see it? : ) No? Oh.

Well, I tried to make it happen, but I'm just not knowledgeable enough about html code. I couldn't make the picture fit, no matter what I did. So I gave up. For now. And I went back to the Googles and searched for "blogger templates" again.

I came up with some contenders, none of which felt like home. None of which felt like me. But then I saw one that looked like it had the potential to be at least good enough for now, with a little bit of tweaking. Tweaking I can do. So I did.

And even though this new layout is not what I had originally wanted, I'm thinking it'll do. And I'm pretty excited about being able to change the header picture so easily (without using the super-annoying blogger header picture changer thingy-ma-bob).

So yay for a new layout. Maybe someday I'll pay a professional to do it. Just not today.

Coming soon: How I extended the life of my blankie for hopefully another 26 years.
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On 10:59 AM, January 04, 2010 , thismamablogs said...

I love the new layout!

On 6:41 PM, January 04, 2010 , Addie said...

Thanks. Me too. I want to look at it all day with the birds and the river and the pretty blue. Yeah. It's good. :)