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Meet my dining room table. It doesn't see much dining. It just mostly sits there looking all pretty and occasionally collecting mail.  For Christmas this year, I dressed it up with some of my favorite elements- a moss terrarium, green candles, a linen table runner, and some shiny things.

 Want some nitty-gritty details?  Okay!

The moss terrarium was something I put together at the end of the summer. I have three total. I bought the apothecary jar in Pentwater while shopping with my little sister, Britney, and my newest nephew, Asher. I picked up the moss on a hike. So fun.

The "linen" table runner is actually just a piece of scrap fabric from a pillow project. I folded it up and laid it down. I was planning on taking it back off and sewing it up right, but it ended up looking just fine, as is. The ends that hang off the table are frayed, but I like that look, so it works out.

The candles are less than two dollars each from Target. They're actually green, but they show like they're honey-colored here. But they're green. Trust me.

The glass candle stands are from Walmart, and I think they were $2 a piece. I snagged the last two, so too bad for you!

I already had the two larger silver ornaments from last year, as well as the star garland. I just stuck them in.

The small silver ornaments were the trickest part. I am a cheap-o, and apparently I didn't think they were worth as much as most of the stores thought they were. I ended up getting these ones at Walmart for four or five bucks. I still think it was too much for a few little plastic bulbs, but I had an image in my head of how this would come together. The silver bulbs were pretty key to the whole look.

So that's about it! Besides shopping around for all the elements (which I mostly did while also shopping for other things), throwing this look together took just a couple of minutes! I think it was the easiest thing I did this year, and it looks great!

What does your table look like? Piles of randomness like mine usually is? Covered in cheerios and dried up milk? Set for a fancy dinner party? Tell me all about it!

I've linked up to the Creative Cats party at Poppies at Play!

Pssst.... check out my post from yesterday. You could join in next week!
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On 11:41 AM, December 11, 2009 , Andy Porter said...

What a gorgeous tablescape! You're right, the silver bulbs look fantastic and tie it all together! I only WISH my table looked like that. My 2yr old poured out a half gallon of milk all over mine. Yep, pretty sweet start to the day! Ha ha ha. I mopped, but still have sticky feet when I walk in there:)
Thanks for linking to Poppies! Always a pleasure to have you!

On 9:38 PM, December 11, 2009 , Clarinda said...

This is gorgeous! I love a pretty tablescape.