Author: Addie Parker
•9:57 PM
Hi friends!

I considered canning Thankful Thursday this week, being that it's Christmas Eve and all. But what better day is there to be thankful?!

Immanuel! God is with us!

*I am thankful for this little guy- my newest nephew, Asher... and the time I got to spend with him and the rest of my family last Saturday.

*I am thankful for safe travels so far this season (and praying that the trend continues).

*I am thankful that my husband brought these flowers home for me when I had a bad day:

*I am thankful for diet sierra mist ruby splash. I mean, really... does it get any better than that?

*I am thankful for my church community. I love being a part of it.

*I am thankful for my job.

*I am thankful for union-negotiated holiday time-off.

*I am thankful for sweet, sweet Christmas Eve services. They're my favorite hours of the whole year.

What are you thankful for? Link up with your Thankful Thursday post and/or leave a comment letting everyone know what you are thankful for.

{A little bit of business}
1. Please link to your specific blog post, not your main blog page.
2. Please keep things clean and family-friendly.
3. Please link back to this post so that others can easily find their way back.
4. Include pictures if you can! I love pictures. : )

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