Author: Addie Parker
•8:58 PM
So, people. I've had some time to peruse a few Christmas home tours, thanks to BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes 2008. I think I might be able to really pull off this whole decorate-for-Christmas-without-a-tree-oh-and-also-without-exploding-santa's-workshop-in-my-living-room thing. Really, I might be able to do it.

Here is what I came up with for inspiration.

String ornaments from trees outside. Yeah, I could do that.

The link for this picture no longer works, so I apologize to the lady (whoever you are) to whom I cannot give credit.  I like the idea, though... little tags on a string-wrapped, spray painted tree. Nice.

There were some pictures on the tour of homes that sparked an idea for me, even though they weren't pictures of the actual ideas. So... some notes that I jotted down:
*Put things on cake stands.
*Use white feathers.
*Mercury Glass.
*Use sheet music.
*Make a burlap table runner with something Christmas-ey on the ends.
*Put shapes inside of a lamp shade.
*Use candles. Lots of candles
*Stars on sticks
*Card Hanging Ribbons

And the specific projects I'd like to do:
Natural colored linen pillows with cream Christmas tree appliques.
Table runner
Wreath or garland
Put shapes inside of a lamp shade.
Funky wrapped styrofoam trees.
Card Hanging Ribbons with minature clothespins with Christmas trees on them.

Stay tuned to see these projects come to fruition!

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