Author: Addie Parker
•2:20 PM
Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Just thought I'd start you off with a little song that will stay in your head all day *insert evil lady-laugh here*.

I've been thinking about holiday decorations for a few weeks, now. Last year, I didn't put up a tree (gasp!).  I had multiple reasons for that. Number one- I wasn't in the mood. I just wasn't. Number two, I like how my house is without all of the extra clutter of holiday decor.  And number three, my Christmas tree just wasn't {isn't} my style. I did bring out my old stand-by Christmas decorations, and managed to make my home look pretty festive.

Fast forward a year, and here we are. The only thing that has changed is that I am in the mood for Christmas decorating- and the first week of November hasn't even come to a close, yet. 

But still, I like my house how it is. Adding more STUFF, especially hokey holiday stuff, will upset the balance of clutter vs. select pretty things being displayed. The clutter effect will win. So does that mean I put some of my other stuff away for the season? Hmmm.

Then, there is the issue of what holiday crap I can live with. The holiday section of any given store makes me shudder. It's just not ME. It's not. Forest green and blood red. Not my colors. Sparkles on everything or old-world santa. Puke. I do think blue and silver are okay, but they really really really don't go with my house.  Can't they make neutral colored Christmas stuff?

So here I sit, trying to think of ways to incorporate Christmas into my home without getting a headache.

And I have an idea.

I'm going to go through old Christmas home tour blog parties {I think both BooMama and The Nester have hosted them in the past} and get some DIY ideas. Then I'm going to travel to DIY heaven and crank out some Christmas-ey stuff using neutral, natural colors and textures. 

Stay tuned to see which ideas I find that inspire me to go Christmas crazy!

This won't be making the cut.

Disclaimer: I don't have kids, and my husband says he doesn't care, so I'm not ruining anyone's life by not having a Christmas tree. K? Maybe when I do have a child and he or she is old enough to care, then I will have a tree. And maybe by then I'll have thought of a style of tree that makes my heart happy.
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On 1:03 PM, November 09, 2009 , thismamablogs said...

AH! I saw the picture of Pooh and hadn't scrolled down far enough to see the caption. I was awe struck that you would even CONSIDER making this tacky Pooh a part of your holiday decor. Imagine my relief when I read that it wasn't going to make the cut!

On 1:16 PM, November 09, 2009 , The Lady said...

Haha, maybe I should have photoshopped one of those red circles with the line going through it over the pooh picture.