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•7:38 PM
Are you ready to see what I've been working on for my Christmas decorations?! I'm ready to show you.

The first Christmas-decorating thing I did this year was so simple. And fun. You should try it.

First, I found a silhouette-type graphic of the three wise men and a camel. I sized it how I wanted it on my computer, then printed it off onto black card stock. Yes. It was black ink on black card stock. A little hard to see, but it served its purpose.

Then I grabbed the scissors and got to work. I cut out all the little, intricate details. I even had to get out the craft knife (which I hate using) at the end for the really tight stuff.

After these little guys were all cut out (and a star, too!), I just put some scrapbooking adhesive on the front of them, reached up under the lamp shade, and stuck 'em up there!

When the lamp is off, nothing is visible. But at 7:00 PM, the timer turns on, and- MAGIC! Three wise men and their camel in my lampshade! Delightful.

You can go to Creative Cats Friday to see what other lovely ladies have been crating this week!
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•9:15 PM

I go among trees and sit still.
All my stirring becomes quiet
around me like circles on water.
My tasks lie in their places
where I left them, asleep like cattle.

Then what is afraid of me comes
and lives a while in my sight.
What it fears in me leaves me,
and the fear of me leaves it.
It sings, and I hear its song.

Then what I am afraid of comes
I live for a while in its sight.
What I fear in it leaves it
and the fear of it leaves me.
It sings, and I hear its song.

After days of labor,
mute in my consternations,
I hear my song at last,
and I sing it. As we sing,
the day turns, the trees move.

Wendell Berry, Untitled, from The Sabbath Poems

Author: Addie Parker
•8:58 PM
So, people. I've had some time to peruse a few Christmas home tours, thanks to BooMama's Christmas Tour of Homes 2008. I think I might be able to really pull off this whole decorate-for-Christmas-without-a-tree-oh-and-also-without-exploding-santa's-workshop-in-my-living-room thing. Really, I might be able to do it.

Here is what I came up with for inspiration.

String ornaments from trees outside. Yeah, I could do that.

The link for this picture no longer works, so I apologize to the lady (whoever you are) to whom I cannot give credit.  I like the idea, though... little tags on a string-wrapped, spray painted tree. Nice.

There were some pictures on the tour of homes that sparked an idea for me, even though they weren't pictures of the actual ideas. So... some notes that I jotted down:
*Put things on cake stands.
*Use white feathers.
*Mercury Glass.
*Use sheet music.
*Make a burlap table runner with something Christmas-ey on the ends.
*Put shapes inside of a lamp shade.
*Use candles. Lots of candles
*Stars on sticks
*Card Hanging Ribbons

And the specific projects I'd like to do:
Natural colored linen pillows with cream Christmas tree appliques.
Table runner
Wreath or garland
Put shapes inside of a lamp shade.
Funky wrapped styrofoam trees.
Card Hanging Ribbons with minature clothespins with Christmas trees on them.

Stay tuned to see these projects come to fruition!

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•6:41 PM
Remodeling Guy just posted a little survey. He's gathering info for his blog so that he can better cater to his readers (including me, yeah). I read through the questions and decided that in addition to answering his survey, I would post my answers here. This is a new blog, and I think it's a great way for you to get to know me (or at least get to know my remodeling side. :)  You can take his survey, too, at He's not sharing your answers with anyone except himself. But if you want to share your answers here with me, I'd love to get to know you, too!


No, but thank you for asking.




No kids, yet. Soon, maybe.


I would really like to have a home that I am completely comfortable in, without having a bank account that bleeds. I am willing to do so much by myself to save money, but if I'm talking to a professional, it means it's a job that is too big for me. I need the professional to understand that I just want to make small improvements, but I want them to be done well. I need to be able to trust him or her to to a good job and charge a fair price.

About Your Home!

  • Check.



  • Check.


The Heart of The Matter!!

Here are the questions that will really help me to better serve you!

I want to be delighted at every turn.
In that pursuit, I try to find a balance between need and want. The needs (like our back deck) make me grumpy. The wants (like crown molding) excite me.

Budget is always the biggest hurdle. After that, I find that I'm always doing projects on my own. My husband is not interested in home improvement. This makes bigger projects impossible most of the time. 

I do the work around the house. If a project needs more than I can give, it doesn't get done unless absolutely necessary (like repairing the refrigerator). Hiring a professional is very intimidating to me, and I am always scared of what they will tell me it will cost.

Depends on the job. For most jobs, I'd probably hire a handyman type. I would only hire a company if it were something like an addition. The professional image is semi-important. I don't care how the person dresses, if they cut their hair or shave their beard. That doesn't matter. What does matter is that they don't smell (that matters A LOT if they're going to be spending time in my home), they're clean (no tracking in mud, getting oily fingerprints on the furniture, etc), and they are respectful. Also, I would say that smoking is not an option.

Do you ever watch that show on HGTV, Holmes on Homes?  Well, I do. Mike Holmes does a fantastic job.... fixing everyone else's mistakes. What if I do it wrong? What if the person I hire because I don't know how to do it does it wrong? Are mistakes going to be made that are going to end up costing me thousands? 

Is it worth it to make all these changes? Am I going to see a return on my investments when I go to sell in five or six years? 

I would love to buy a piece of land that is not too far out of town but still secluded and quiet. I would like it to have a little stream. I would like to have a new house built that meets all of my needs.  I would like to stay there for a very long time.

Well, yeah. All of the above. But most specifically, I visit your blog for instruction and encouragement. I was hooked as soon as you posted about spray painting cabinets.  {That was for Remodeling Guy. For the rest of y'all, I like looking at your craft and decorating projects for inspiration. And I like the blogging community. Even though my last blog had to end, I would really love it if this blog had some faithful readers and commentors like my last blog did. Hopefully that will come in time.}
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•10:35 AM
I interrupt your Monday morning to bring you some important bloggy business. Thank you for attending my impromptu meeting.

First, Old Business.  Well, there is no Old Business since this is a new blog.

So- New Business.

1. I was informed that it was impossible to comment on my posts. So sad because I LOVE comments! I made some changes to my settings, so hopefully that situation is rectified. I also now allow everyone to comment without moderation, including anonymous bloggers. But please don't be anonymous! When you comment, I'd like to have the option of commenting back, going to your blog, making it a conversation, and getting to know you!  Let's spread some comment love, shall we?!

2. I now have a "contact me" thingy over there on the right side of the page. See it?  Now you can send me emails, too.  .... What? You have nothing to send me an email about? Oh, c'mon. Sure you do. : )
"Dear Lady, Why don't you have a real name? Love, Blogger."
"Dear Lady, Could you please help me decide what color to paint my little girl's room? Love, Blogger."
"Dear Lady, Where is the best place to go hiking in Michigan? Love, Blogger."
"Dear Lady, I have a million dollars to send to you. What is your address? Love, Blogger."
See? There are lots of things to email me about.

3. I was thinking... I need a NAME!  I used to have this great blog (well, I thought it was great). But someone else didn't think it was so great. And because I used my name a lot in it, they were able to really cause some trouble in my life. So when I started this new blog a few weeks ago, I decided to just be The Lady from Life With A Lady. But it's not really working for me. You know? Yeah, I like being The Lady, but I feel like I need a stronger identifier. I need real name. Just not my real name. Because even my first name is pretty unique. A stage name. A blog name. What should I be? Who should I be? Ideas? I need to decide soon.
I like Anna, but that is currently taken by multiple people in my life, so it's kind of off limits. I just feel like if I weren't *insert my real real name here*, I would certainly be an Anna.
So, not Anna. What else? Maybe I should look through a baby name book. Yeah? Okay. I'll just flip through and see what I see.
Ooh! Addie. That's cute! I think maybe there's an American Girl doll named Addie. Maybe.
Bella. That was my nickname growing up. But I didn't love Twilight enough to go that route, so no.
Ella. Taking the B off of Bella. That could work!
Frank. I think it'd be fun to be a girl named Frank. hehehe
Kate? Love it, but there are too many Kates.
Kendall. It means "Ruler of the Valley."  That's Ruler of the Blog, to you!
Maren? I could be a Maren.
Molly. I could be a Molly, too.
Noelle? That's fun. I kinda want to name a baby girl Noelle, but I don't think I'd have the guts to do it.
Sadie. I just bought something from an Etsy shop called Sadie'sTheLady. Love it. But I don't want to copy.

So what do you think? I'm choosing soon, so get your two cents in before it's too late!

4. Guess what! My tissue paper bow tutorial was mini-featured on Poppies at Play! I'm so excited! Thanks, ladies! Poppies at Play is a collaborative blog, and they have a Creative Cats party every Friday so we can all show off what our creative sparks of genius have come up with lately. It's fun. I'm so honored that they liked my project!

I think that wraps up our little town hall meeting. Anything to add? No? Okay. Meeting adjourned. Thanks for coming!
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•2:20 PM
Deck the halls with boughs of holly!

Just thought I'd start you off with a little song that will stay in your head all day *insert evil lady-laugh here*.

I've been thinking about holiday decorations for a few weeks, now. Last year, I didn't put up a tree (gasp!).  I had multiple reasons for that. Number one- I wasn't in the mood. I just wasn't. Number two, I like how my house is without all of the extra clutter of holiday decor.  And number three, my Christmas tree just wasn't {isn't} my style. I did bring out my old stand-by Christmas decorations, and managed to make my home look pretty festive.

Fast forward a year, and here we are. The only thing that has changed is that I am in the mood for Christmas decorating- and the first week of November hasn't even come to a close, yet. 

But still, I like my house how it is. Adding more STUFF, especially hokey holiday stuff, will upset the balance of clutter vs. select pretty things being displayed. The clutter effect will win. So does that mean I put some of my other stuff away for the season? Hmmm.

Then, there is the issue of what holiday crap I can live with. The holiday section of any given store makes me shudder. It's just not ME. It's not. Forest green and blood red. Not my colors. Sparkles on everything or old-world santa. Puke. I do think blue and silver are okay, but they really really really don't go with my house.  Can't they make neutral colored Christmas stuff?

So here I sit, trying to think of ways to incorporate Christmas into my home without getting a headache.

And I have an idea.

I'm going to go through old Christmas home tour blog parties {I think both BooMama and The Nester have hosted them in the past} and get some DIY ideas. Then I'm going to travel to DIY heaven and crank out some Christmas-ey stuff using neutral, natural colors and textures. 

Stay tuned to see which ideas I find that inspire me to go Christmas crazy!

This won't be making the cut.

Disclaimer: I don't have kids, and my husband says he doesn't care, so I'm not ruining anyone's life by not having a Christmas tree. K? Maybe when I do have a child and he or she is old enough to care, then I will have a tree. And maybe by then I'll have thought of a style of tree that makes my heart happy.