Author: Addie Parker
•4:58 PM

One of my favorite places to look for inspiration is to the lovely ladies (and gents, I suppose) who post their wares on Etsy. Some days, I'll find a tee shirt embellished with ruffles or a wrap skirt with a little birdie on it. Other days I'll find a painting that would look great on my walls or a set of greeting cards that would be perfect to have on hand.

The eye candy at Etsy is delicious.

So today, I'm happy to share with you a cozy little collection of autumn items. Take a look, then feel free to click on the pictures to visit the Etsy shops and consider taking something home with you! Unless I buy it first. Race ya'.

This $13.50 wreath is so simple. So easy. So casual. So pretty on my front door...

This catchy little pair of earrings will bring a whisper of fall into your style for just $16.

These little shoes pull at my heartstrings. I'd buy them right now (for $17) if I had a little girl to buy them for. Do you?

I'm all about being understated when it comes to holiday decorating. This pumpkin pillow is perfect at only $16.

At $65, this bag is a bit of a splurge, but well worth it. I'd love to carry this on my shoulder this fall!

I'm not usually one for signs and words, but this particular one for $18 is a subtle and pleasant reminder to give thanks not just during this season, but in every moment.

How about you? What are you doing to wrap yourself in cozy-warm colors and give thanks for the beauty of fall?
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